Linda LaMie

My name is Mrs. LaMie and welcome to our Angle Inlet School page.

I have had the honor of teaching at the Angle Inlet School for almost 30 years. I have also taught 1st grade at the elementary, and reading and social studies at the middle school in Warroad. 

In 2012, my husband Tom, unexpectedly passed away from skin cancer. We have 3 grown children who went through the Angle Inlet School and graduated from Warroad: Erica (Kastl) Hicks, a college chemistry instructor in Grand Forks; T.J. Kastl, an electrical/computer engineer for John Deere in Fargo; and Kya Kastl, who is pursuing a psychology and criminal justice degree at UND. I remarried in 2013. My husband Ron has 7 grown children: Rachel, Rebekah, Renee, Ron, Roman, Rosalynn, and Randy. (He said when they were young, he sounded like a stuttering motor when he tried calling them. R-R-R-r-R-r-r!) Mr. LaMie and I live 5 miles from the nearest road, so I must travel by boat or snowmobile to school each day. We have one cat Kitty Boy, and two dogs. Hunter is a quiet and obedient Sheltie who is very shy. Chewie is a wriggly and mischievous Chorky who is very boisterous. 

I enjoy playing guitar and piano, helping my husband build and remodel, entertaining family and friends, and sitting down with a good book.

Because the Angle Inlet School is a one-room school, we have many different activities happening at once. This year there are 10 students in EVERY grade, Kgn-6th. That means SEVEN grades to plan lessons for in all subjects, including phy. ed. and music. Art projects need to be new each year as students climb the ranks. Thank goodness we have wonderful students who help each other, and a dedicated para, Mrs. Shoen!

School starts at 8:00 a.m. Recess/Lunch is 11:30-12:30 and dismissal is 3:00 pm. The hours in between find students working on their individual assignments from the board. If they do not finish, it must go home as homework and brought back completed the following morning.

Some computer sites are: Dance Mat Typing, Room Recess, Fun Brain, Education City, and this year we will be adding work from Khan Academy.

Please call if there are any questions or concerns: 218-223-4161