Swim Lessons & Classes

The Warroad Aquatics Staff is happy to offer a wide range of swim lessons and programs for all ages.  You must pre-register for each class one(1) week prior to the start of each session.  No individuals will be accepted to participate in a class on the first day without pre-registering. Children must be at least 3'5" tall (41inches) or 5 years of to register.  If your child does not meet the height or age requirement we invite you to register for the Mommy/Daddy and Me class.

If this is your first time registering for a swim lesson with Warroad Aquatics you will receive your first Swim Certificate FREE!   If you have already completed a swim lesson and have misplaced or lost your swim certificate you can have it replaces for a fee of $3.00.   Your swim certificate will be required the first day of your lesson (you will get it back on the last day of the lesson).

Please click on the tabs below to view details about the swim lessons and programs offered.  To view the current class list and register please go to:  » www.warroadpayments.com