The History of the Warrior Logo and Name

The history behind the Warroad Warrior Logo and name has a story of its own. Many years ago Ay-Ash-A-Wash was Chief of Warroad during the war for the Lake of the Woods region. He was in a battle at Two Rivers located 40 miles west of Warroad when he was badly wounded and played dead. Ay-Ash-A-Wash managed to crawl away and made his way back to Warroad. Most thought he had been lost in battle and there was a great outpouring of joy when he returned to his people. Years later, Ay-Ash-A-Wash’s son Na-May-Poke, a wise man who valued education, donated land from his allotment on the north side of Warroad for the community’s first school. He asked that the school’s teams be called the Warriors in honor of Ojibwe Warriors who fell in battles past. From that time forward the Warroad Warrior name and logo has continued on.

The Indian Community and Local Indian Education Committee helped design and approved the Warroad Warrior Logo in the late 1980’s. The Warroad Indian Community, the Local Indian Education Committee, as well as the Indian Education Department, fully support the use of the Warroad Warrior name and logo.