District Policies/Forms

A number of school board policies are mandatory and are necessary to meet the requirements of state or federal law. State and federal agencies look for the mandatory school board policies during accreditation visits, financial audits, investigations and as contingencies prior to the release of funds.

The policies define the desire and intent of the School Board and are developed with guidance from the Minnesota School Board Association to ensure they are in compliance with state and federal regulations.

The School Board has the jurisdiction to legislate policy for the School District with the force and effect of the law. School Board policy provides the general direction as to what the School Board wishes to accomplish while delegating implementation of the policy to the administration. A regulation contains administration’s guidelines for the operational implementation of the respective Board policy.

The district’s approved board policies and administrative regulations are organized into the following sections. Policies described here are not conditions to employ, and the language is not intended to create a contract between Warroad Public Schools and its employees.