Parent Support

The Warroad School District recognizes that it is important that NoParent is Left Behind! Parents are encouraged to support their childrenand to share responsibility for their child’s success. Here are someways parents can support their children in school and in life:


1.      Designate time for your child each day.

2.      Check or ask about your child’s homework.

3.      Ask questions about school, such as “Can you show me what you did in _______ today?”.

4.      Read to younger children every day.  Encourage older children to read every day.

5.      Model educational behavior yourself (read books, balance checkbook, etc.)

6.      Set challenging, yet reasonable goals and expectations.

7.      Build a relationship with your child’s teacher(s).

8.      Encourage your child to do well.

9.      Provide a consistent place to study.

10.    Encourage good organization habits.

11.    Encourage your child to follow directions; Listening is a key skill.