Student Achievement

The amount of acronyms surrounding State and Federal programs are overwhelming and can be easily misunderstood. The goal of this information is to help parents decipher NCLB, AYP and MCA II and how all these work together to determine student achievement and certain academic measurements of the Warroad School District.


No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

The goal of the No Child Left Behind Act is to have 100% of students achieve proficiency in reading, math and science by the year 2014. Under NCLB, the state holds schools and districts accountable for teaching all students. Accountability measurements are separated into the following sub-groups: ethnic group, economic, English language learner and special education status. This means that ALL students in each of these sub-gstandard byroups need to meet or exceed the same academic the year 2014. The No Child Left Behind Act requires that all districts and schools throughout the nation make Adequate Yearly Progress.

Adequate Yearly Progress

The NCLB Act requires each state to set annual Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) goals. It is widely agreed among schools, that the AYP goals set by the state of Minnesota are high compared to many other states. Based on these goals and standards, the state releases Adequate Yearly Progress reports for each school district in Minnesota. These reports measure our district’s performance in terms of the percentage of students who are at or above state-defined proficiency levels in reading, math and science.


Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments

These tests are administered in the spring of each year to grades 3-7 for reading and math; grade 8 for reading, math and science; grade 9 for writing; grade 10 for reading and science; and grade 11 for math. Test scores are reported in four achievement levels—Does not Meet Standards, Partially Meets Standards, Meets Standards and Exceeds Standards.


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